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2018.10.05 Friday

Ikema Yuko's Concert at Ongoing


    Wednesday, 3 October 

    The gallery space of Ongoing is full of folding chairs where silent people wait for the show to start, while the artist smokes her last cigarette downstairs. She looks so young... Almost every one I've met so far looks younger than s/he is. You can hear her laughter. I drink my tea.

    After some minutes of individual reflection, she goes up. She takes place and says something I can't understand -of course- but I barely think I'd understand if I could speak Japanese. She speaks so softly almost too quietly that I'm surprised when everyone reacts laughing.

    Another moment of quietness and she starts singing.

    A beautiful, powerful voice leaves her mouth, her body. She plays the guitar. I am delighted. I don't understand what the song is about but it doesn't matter. It sounds like gentle, playful, sweet, womanly freedom. It could be a lullaby, a tale, a love story... she is magic. 

    I close my eyes to enjoy the sound for some time but I want to look at her. She generates this energy you want to stare at her. the room is filled with enthusiasm. I feel so moved I want to hug her.

    Suddenly something surprises me again. It is Yukie. She gives me a piece of paper. She has written down a translation of the lyrics for me. That's such a gentle gesture! Although I don't need her to do it -I am enjoying it so much without knowing what the songs are about-, until the end of the evening, she gives me another piece of paper everytime a song ends.