2016.08.17 Wednesday



    If distance were measured in time





    2016.08.06 Saturday



      Hello I am Fionn and I've come from the UK to be artist in residence at Ongoing for the next couple of months. 



      'A tempest of heat. The brain's evaporation is a possibility.' 


      I think Etel Adnan may have been describing summer in Tokyo, my scottish skin is slowly acclimatising to the heat and gradually thoughts are becoming more viscous.


      A few notes from the last 7 days:


      - I went to the park and heard a boy practicing his saxophone I like the sound of tuning an instrument .:

        play, adjust, play, think, adjust, play, adjust, think, play, think, adjust and on and on and on


      -. The sound of cicadas roars every time you pass by trees Do you ever get used to it?

         how could you replicate the sound of cicadas? A bicycle wheel on a motor? clickclickclick


      - Lots of lines, electricity wires, clothes lines, fences, doorways, unfamiliar lines in the road, the strokes of written text.


      -.Masahiro Wada exhibition in Shibuya that Abe-chan told me to go to, she was right, it was interesting. I particularly liked the installation of the screens, watching both at once, on different levels, simultaneously.


      - A sword made from meteorite, a jomon pot, ufos and a moon song all at the Mori Museum. 


      and finally a piece I liked from an exhibition at Coexist Gallery. I think it's by Yuko Ozawa, recording the sound of headphone wires.





      2016.05.13 Friday


        kichijoji 4:14 a.m.-4:21 a.m.

        2016.04.29 Friday

        Disk Union in Tokyo


          I have already spend uncountable hours in this great place and have got some lovely records in a really low price.  Here are some of my purchases...

                                          An interesting single from Stephen Malkmus, the frontman of Pavement ! 
                                           I think this is one of the most underrated album from Lou Reed

            I always want to get the Cartridge Music album by John Cage and I finally got it now for just 600 yen!

                                                               Olivia Tremor Control are epic 

             Animal Collective ! really nice CD cover I think...

           I have never seen this little single from Primal Scream 

          I got this in the avant garde vinyl section. I didn't know what this was but I just bought it anyway because I kind of like the design. It is actaully a piece of wood attached to the jacket of the vinyl and the most important thing is the album sounds good. I think this is one of the pleasures of wandering around in music store, that is, you can always encounter something interesting by chance... and of course, you can do that too on the internet... but it's a bit different. 
          2016.04.23 Saturday


            hello, this is Alvin Lee Siu Hin,  the 16 Th  Ongoing AIR artist. I am from Hong Kong. I came to Tokyo on the 14 Th  April, so it's more than a week already! And I am still getting used to the atmosphere of this beautiful and energetic place, while all the nice people from Ongoing help me to adapt the enviornment quickly from various casual gatherings and art events. 

            The first thing I want to share is I visited Roppongi a few days ago, which really is an elegant neighbourhood. After I went to The National Art Center for an exhibiton of Miyake Issey, whom is one of the greatest japanese designer, I then paid a visit to Mori Art Musuem for a show called "Roppongi Crossings 2016: My Body, Your Voice", which features works from established and emerging Japanese artists.


            This is the work by Mohri Yuko, a Japanese Artist that I like so much since I am always interested in the connection between sound and the visual art. 

                                                                                             There are some other interesting works too!

            I am always interested in the Japanese art scene, so I guess one of the things that I will do most in this residency is probably visiting different art spaces in Tokyo. That's it for now.  Will keep on posting :)
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